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Our partners Dr. Smartphone and Dr. MacBook Thailand can help you out if you have issues with your Smartphone or MacBook. Checkout their website and don't hesitate to contact them for a free check!

How we work

If you have any issues with your Notebook, the team of Dr. NoteBook Thailand is ready to help you out.
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    Plan Appointment

    Make an appointment today with our tech support via our online planner, alternatively send us an email call. Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or Line are also possible: +66 922 540 866

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    Bring the defect notebook to us or send us a message and we can arrange a free pickup/return (Conditions apply).

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    Diagnostic & Repair

    We will check what is wrong with your Notebook and let you know the cost before repair so you can decide what you want to do. The check is free of charge!

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    Return Notebook

    When your Notebook is repaired you will receive an email. You can choose to pick up the laptop or have it delivered free of charge in case of a repair

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the questions that are asked frequently by our clients.

1. How much time does a notebook repair take?

For parts replacement upgrade as well as liquid damaged cleaning in most cases we can deliver back the same day. For Logicboard repair it can be anywhere from 1 day upto 3 weeks depending on the difficulty level.

2. Do you offer warranty on your Notebook repair?

Yes we offer a minimum of 3 month warranty on logicboard repairs. Some part replacements carry warranties from 3-5 years for instance harddrives and memory upgrades.

3. Will I loose information when I repair a notebook?

Always make sure to have a recent back of your laptop at all times. Although we ussualy never loose data during a repair, it can always happen that a drive stops working during a repair attempt. Note that we are never responsible for your data loss.

4. Do I need to plan an appointment?

No you can walk in anytime for a free checkup. For a faster turn around it is always better to plan an appointment HERE. You can also call, Whatsapp, Line to +66922540866 or email at

5. Can you repair liquid damaged laptops?

If you have switched of your device ASAP and dried it out with a hair blower, there is a better chance we can repair it. Bring it in ASAP so corrosion does not get a chance to form and we will have an even higher chance to bring your Notebook back to life. We have a no fix no pay repair service!

6. How much does a note book logicboard repair cost?

Client reviews

Below are some of our Dr. MacBook Thailand reviews for reference. As soon as we have more reviews for Dr. NoteBook we will add them here as well! Thanks always for leaving us a review and give us the possibility to improve our services.
Anna Cafaro

I cannot say enough good things about Dr MacBook. The service was fast, efficient, affordable and expert. The shop was a short walk from the BTS Asok. I highly recommend Dr. MacBook!
Pete McGuire

I have been here 3 times. Twice for cracked iPhone screen repairs that were competed within 1.5 hours. And once for my MacBook screen issues. He knew the issue instantly and told me various options of repair (including not by them) since it might be a recall issue in the future. That level of professionalism and honesty is why I keep coming back to this store.
J St. Clair

New trackpad fitted to my Macbook Air. Way cheaper and way way faster the Apple service. These guys know what they are doing. They seem to be on a higher level than the official service with prices much lower. If you have a Mac prolem, come here !
Drew Masters

I couldn't recommend Dr. MacBook enough. Having lived 10 years in Thailand, I wish i had found this store before. They are absolutely amazing in their service, wonderful staff and their level of attention. Other stores should model themselves from Dr. MacBook. 5 Stars !
Ray Dudenhoeffer

This place is great, English speaking staff, accepts credit cards, even arranged for a messenger to pick up my laptop when I was busy. Most importantly, they fixed everything, honest and fair, and they really know what they are doing!
Matt Jones

My MacBook died so I took it into these guys. Great communication and they don't charge you unless they fix the problem. I felt like they were reasonably priced and they totally warranty their work. I highly recommend them for any apple product repair!!

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