Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th Gen (2018)

The Dell XPS 13 9343 was launched in January 2015 with the new 6th Generation Intel Skylake processor. It also came with the innovative 3200 x 1800 13.3″ Touchscreen with a super thin besel and a maximum battery life of 15 hours. The SSD drive is upgradable but the RAM is soldered onto the logicboard.

Parts Replacements & Upgrades

Below we have listed most popular part replacements and upgrades for this model

Liquid Damage Cleaning

Spilled some liquid on your Notebook? Bring it in today for ultrasonic cleaning!

Logicboard Repairs

The service center told you you need a new motherboard? Let us try to repair it instead!

Available part replacements & upgrades

Display Assembly Dell XPS 13

The display assembly for the Dell XPS 13 9343 is available in 2 versions. One is a FHD (1920x1080) matte version and the other one a more expensive QHD+ (3200x1800) Infinity Display with Touch Screen. Please make sure when planning a visit to let us know what version of the display you need.

Battery Replacement Dell XPS 13

The battery for the Dell XPS 9343, which is also compatible with the 9350, rates 7000mAh at 52Wh and 7.4volts. Our replacement battery is easy to replace by yourself with the right tools, or let our technician install it for you free of charge. The battery is backed up with a 3-month warranty.

Dell XPS 13 SSD Drive Upgrades

The Dell XPS 13 uses standard PC NVMe SSD drives and we can install any brand you prefer whether it's the high-speed Samsung or our own lower cost (still very high speed) branded NVmE. If you buy our drives we will install it for you free of charge and install Windows or Linux for you as well saving you a lot of time and headaches. All our SSD drives come with a minimum of 3 years warranty.

Dell XPS 13 Wireless Card

If your Wifi signal is weak it could be one of the antenna cables is loose, visit our technician and we can get this issue solved quickly. In case the wifi is completely gone it might be you need a new Wifi card. Plan an appointment with our technician and he can install a new one for you within 30 minutes backed with a 3-month warranty.

Dell XPS 13 Motherboard Replacement

If your Dell service center told you you need a new motherboard, chances are that we can repair it. Plan a visit to our store and have it checked for free to see if we can fix it or it indeed needs to be replaced. The motherboard for the Dell XPS 13 is available in different configurations, Core i5 and i7 CPU's and 4, 8 or 16GB of memory. The SSD drive can be swapped but both CPU and RAM (memory) are soldered onto the board so please make sure to order the correct specification.

Dell XPS 13 Fan Replacement

If your Dell XPS 13 is overheating or making noises chances are the fan needs to be replaced. If you are not sure please visit us and let us check free of charge. A non-working fan can lead to overheating and motherboard failure it is one of the most important components within the system.

Dell XPS 13 Charge Port

If your XPS 13 stopped charging or the charger does not fit in the port anymore you might need a new charge port. In most cases non-charging is a motherboard or battery issue, seldom it is the charge port assembly. It does happen that they fail, mostly due to a broken pin inside, in that case, our technician can install a new one for you within 1 hour. Make sure to plan an appointment in advance so we can be sure to have stock.

Dell XPS 13 Trackpad Replacement

If your XPS 13 trackpad stops working or is working irregularly this is the part you need. Use our free checkup if you are in doubt and our technician can install a new trackpad for you in around 30 minutes.

Dell XPS 13 Keyboard Replacement

When you need a new keyboard for the Dell XPS 13 please make sure when planning an appointment to let us know what language keyboard you need. I.e. a UK keyboard does not fit in a US frame due to the different shape of the ENTER key. Our keyboards come with a 3-month warranty and replacement time is around 1-2 hours.

Dell XPS 13 Backcover Replacement

The bottom cover from the Dell XPS 13 is easily replaceable by removing eight 4 mm T5 Torx screws and one small Philips screw under the cover plate. Replacement time is around 10 minutes.

Dell XPS 13 I/O Board Replacement

The I/O Board of the Dell XPS 13 houses a USB and SD Card slot. If one of these fails this is most likely the part that needs to be replaced. To make sure please bring it in and have our technician check it for you free of charge. Time needed for the replacement is around 1 hour.

Dell XPS 13 I/O Board Flex Cable Replacement

The flex cable connecting the I/O Board to the motherboard usually never fails. The main reason for failure is liquid damage. Should this cable fail, the replacement is easy and will take less than 30 minutes of your time. If this cable fails the USB port and SDCard might not work.