XPS 15 (7590, Mid 2019)

The Dell XPS 15 9750 was released in June 2019 as the successor of the 9570. This new model was launched with an OLED Sharp display option, Core i9 CPU, Wifi 6 technology and Nvidea’s GeForce GTX 1650 GPU. It also supports maximum 64GB of RAM instead the previous models 32GB. The SSD is still upgradable with 2TB PCIe SSD drives.

Parts Replacements & Upgrades

Below we have listed most popular part replacements and upgrades for this model

Liquid Damage Cleaning

Spilled some liquid on your Notebook? Bring it in today for ultrasonic cleaning!

Logicboard Repairs

The service center told you you need a new motherboard? Let us try to repair it instead!

Available part replacements & upgrades

No parts available yet!